Among individuals

How to find an apartment rental from private individual to private individual?

The rental between private individuals is requested by many people looking for seasonal rental or long term rental. If you are looking for an apartment rental, find the accommodation of your dreams by following one of these tips. Here are…

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What are the advantages of a holiday rental between individuals?

To avoid the intermediary costs of a seasonal rental, many tenants choose to look for a rental between private individuals. Although this solution is requested by many people, it has many advantages. Discover these major advantages of holiday rentals between…

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How to rent your apartment from one person to another?

You wish to rent your apartment to a private individual without going through an intermediary? You can opt for this solution by following certain steps. Renting between private individuals must be done carefully to avoid certain problems. To help you…

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How to sell a property between individuals?

Selling real estate is a project that can be profitable by adopting certain techniques. To carry out such a project, you will have to be very careful. Selling between individuals is a better way to sell your property at the…

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