Holiday rentals


What makes a villa special?

There are many factors that can make a villa special. It could be the location, the amenities, the size, or the history. It really depends on what the individual is looking for in a real estate in Saint Tropez. Location…

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Tips to avoid vacation rental scams

You’ve probably already heard of cases of holiday rental scams on the internet. Some ill-intentioned people publish false advertisements on classified ad platforms between private individuals with the aim of swindling Internet users looking for a detached house, a rural…

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How to create a vacation rental website?

To find tenants for a seasonal rental or not, building a rental web page has become essential. The advantages are numerous: – It’s free or very inexpensive. – Global visibility – The rental site can be personalised in an infinite…

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Landlord: tips for a successful holiday rental

You wish to put a property for holiday rental? You need to be well prepared, as tenants are increasingly demanding and the competition is tough. Discover 5 tips that will allow you to make the most of your property. Entrust…

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Tips on how to improve your holiday rental advertisement

You are a landlord and wish to write your rental ad or improve it? Here are 10 good tips to take into account to publish an effective ad and increase your bookings. The title of your ad must be attractive…

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How to make holiday rentals?

Do you own a property that you wish to rent on a seasonal basis? Or perhaps you have not yet invested and would like to acquire more knowledge before you start renting out your property on a seasonal basis? In…

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