How to find an apartment rental from private individual to private individual?

The rental between private individuals is requested by many people looking for seasonal rental or long term rental. If you are looking for an apartment rental, find the accommodation of your dreams by following one of these tips. Here are some practical tips to help you find an apartment rental between individuals.

Specialized sites

Searching on specialized sites is a practical method to find a rental between individuals. There are now many sites that publish rentals issued by private individuals. Some sites put the tenant and landlord in touch with each other so that they can come to an agreement. Both parties will have to register on the site. Other sites offer exchange offers. This solution is very practical for students. It consists of exchanging the rental apartment for a service. The student will be able to stay for free in the apartment of a private individual by performing a service defined beforehand. In addition, there are sites dedicated to flat-sharing. Such offers are also made by private individuals.

Examples of real estate rental sites

Among the sites that offer rentals without intermediaries, i.e. rentals between private individuals, are, and The site is mainly specialized in appart-dating. Tenants looking for flat-sharing offers can take a look at the ads published by, and

Find a rental in social networks

Social networks are a practical means of searching for rentals between individuals. Most individuals who wish to rent their apartment publish their offer in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Some individuals even create a group to publish their offers. As on specialized sites, the choices are varied in social networks: shared rentals, rentals against exchange of service, etc.
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