What are the advantages of a holiday rental between individuals?

To avoid the intermediary costs of a seasonal rental, many tenants choose to look for a rental between private individuals. Although this solution is requested by many people, it has many advantages. Discover these major advantages of holiday rentals between individuals.

Avoid agency fees

Opting for a particular rental allows the tenant to win in terms of price. Indeed, this solution avoids agency fees that only increase the rental price. You won't have to pay fees worth the amount of a month's rent by opting for this solution. Seasonal rentals between private individuals are therefore a good choice if you have a fairly limited budget. Moreover, this type of renting allows you to negotiate since you will be in direct contact with the landlord.

Get in direct contact with the owner

Talking directly with the landlord is an advantage of the particular rental. Contracting with the landlord without an intermediary has several advantages. Indeed, the landlord is in the best position to know the condition of the property and to answer all your questions about the property and the rental. Be aware that real estate agents will make sure that the property is valued a little more in order to take advantage of the rental contract. They can certainly make a reinforced publicity on a qualitative point of the good without disclosing negative points.

Advantages for the owner

Seasonal renting between private individuals, admits certain advantages, not only for the tenant, but also for the owner. By deciding to rent out his property without an intermediary, the latter will be able to avoid agency fees and increase his profits. The price can increase enormously if the rental is located near a famous tourist site. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that private rentals are now very much in demand. Many tenants avoid the middlemen when looking for a holiday rental.
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