How to rent your apartment from one person to another?

You wish to rent your apartment to a private individual without going through an intermediary? You can opt for this solution by following certain steps. Renting between private individuals must be done carefully to avoid certain problems. To help you in such a procedure, here are some practical tips.

Check the condition of the apartment

Even before you publish the property for rent, you must check its condition. You must present a suitable property that complies with the recommendations of the law. For example, you must check the condition of the wall coverings, technical installations, floors and common areas before offering your property for rent to private individuals. These checks are valid for both long-term and holiday rentals. Holidaymakers must enjoy a certain level of comfort during their stay. You should know that you need to have property diagnostics to rent a property. These documents must be presented to the tenant.

Evaluation of the rent

Once you have checked all the details about the condition of the dwelling, you should set the amount of rent. To do this, you should take into account factors such as the location of the property, its living space and the quality of its facilities. If you don't know how to better evaluate it, you can get help from a specialist. Make sure you rent your apartment at its fair value. For rentals between individuals, expect the tenant to negotiate the rent. To do this, allow for a certain margin on the exact rent. Negotiating rates is less common in vacation rentals.

Publish the ad

After having made all the adjustments on the property and the rent, it is time to move on to the publication of the rental between individuals. There are several ways to publish the apartment rental or holiday rental. You can, for example, publish your advertisement in specialized sites by contacting these sites. You can also publish the ads in your own site if you have any. Social networks are also better ways to publish rental ads between individuals. The principle of word of mouth also remains an effective means.
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