Real Estate Agency

Why entrust yourself to a real estate agency?

Real estate agencies are companies that work to support people who want to start a real estate project. They help buyers, sellers and tenants in their real estate projects. If you are planning to sell, buy or rent a property,…

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How much does a real estate agency earn on the sale of a house?

The fees charged by a real estate agency in the case of a real estate sale are not fixed by a certain threshold. Thus, each agency is free to set its own rates. However, some investigations show that the fees…

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How to build a customized detached house?

Having your individual house built to measure by a house builder in the Dordogne or building your own home has several advantages over buying a traditional house. Here are a few steps to help you build a customised detached house….

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Why is it advisable to carry out an online valuation of your property?

When you plan to sell your house or apartment, it is important to know the value of your property. Before posting an ad, it is therefore advisable to have the value of the property estimated by professionals. This estimation allows…

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Estimate the sale value of your property directly online

With the evolution of technology, you can now estimate your house or property with an estimating simulator. This process is a means made available to everyone for valuing real estate. It is an online method. It’s simple, free, fast and…

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