How to sell a property between individuals?

Selling real estate is a project that can be profitable by adopting certain techniques. To carry out such a project, you will have to be very careful. Selling between individuals is a better way to sell your property at the best price. See how to proceed with the sale of a house between individuals.

Parts to provide for the sale

If you decide to sell between individuals, you should draw up the documents necessary for the sale of the property yourself. Among these documents, there is the technical diagnosis file. Be aware, however, that the list of diagnoses to be made depends on each dwelling. By cross-checking some information, you can get an idea of the diagnoses to be made. If the house sale concerns a condominium unit in particular, you must present the buyer with a number of documents, including the condominium rules and the last three minutes of the general meeting. For the exhaustive list, you must also carry out certain investigations.

Writing and publishing the ad

Once you have completed all the paperwork related to the home sale, you should set the selling price. To do this, you can get help from professionals or use certain simulation tools. Once you have set the selling price, you can now write the sales announcement. When you start selling between private individuals, you can call on specialized sites to publish the ad or publish the sale on your own website. Social networks are also a means of publishing the sale ad.

What should the sale ad contain?

The house sale ad must contain all useful information about the property for sale. Buyers are looking for as much information as possible in the ad. The relevance of the information that appears on the sale ad will influence buyers. Among the information to be included in the ad are the location of the property, the living area, the number of floors and of course the selling price. Don't forget to mention that this is a sale between private individuals and that the buyer will contact you directly. Try not to put any false information in your sales ad.
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