How to make holiday rentals?

Do you own a property that you wish to rent on a seasonal basis? Or perhaps you have not yet invested and would like to acquire more knowledge before you start renting out your property on a seasonal basis? In this article, you will discover the steps to follow in order to do seasonal renting like a pro (in the good sense of the word of course). Don't miss out on the first steps, as they will ensure that you will find tenants for your holiday rental.

Buying a house or apartment

In a tourist area or a place frequented by people who are passing through. To test the market before investing, you can create various false ads and post them on an ad site. You will choose the location of the ad for which you receive the most requests. In this way, you will make sure that you always have tenants and that you do not fall victim to vacancies.

Fitting out your house or apartment

Giving character to your property is essential. Because the tenants will have the choice between different rental offers and will choose the one that speaks to them the most. You must attract the attention of the future tenant and arouse his interest. So adopt a sober but effective decoration. Make sure of the state of the dwelling, set the amount of the rent: Before renting your apartment, you must check its condition, the electrical installation, the plumbing...

Find a tenant

To find a tenant, you will use the different communication channels at your disposal:
  • Advertising sites
  • word of mouth (to do this, you just have to satisfy your tenants, they will then recommend your rental to their relatives)
  • the personal website: essential if you are planning to make your holiday rental a long-term investment.

Holiday rental contract, deposit, inventory of fixtures and fittings

Once the contacts have been made and you have agreed on the date of the stay, you can send the rental contract to your future tenant (make sure that he signs it first, to avoid any modification of clauses not agreed upon). It is recommended that you require a deposit up to six months before the start of your stay (this will reduce the risk of the tenant withdrawing and, if necessary, allow you to amortize part of the rental holiday). When you hand over the keys, you should also provide for the payment of a security deposit (a deposit) that you will return to the tenant after his stay if no damage has been caused to the accommodation. The maximum amount of the security deposit is 25% of the rental price. Also at the handing over of the keys, the inventory of fixtures. It is not obligatory but strongly recommended in case of damage to the furniture or the accommodation itself.

Keep your tenants loyal

In order to enjoy repeat bookings, you will gain the loyalty of your tenants. Thus, you will guarantee the development of your activity on the long term and strengthen your brand image.

Take action

You now have all the elements in your hands to start thinking about your vacation rental project.
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