Landlord: tips for a successful holiday rental

You wish to put a property for holiday rental? You need to be well prepared, as tenants are increasingly demanding and the competition is tough. Discover 5 tips that will allow you to make the most of your property.

Entrust rental management to a real estate agent

If you are putting a property up for seasonal rental and you do not live nearby or have no time to devote to it, you should be aware that you may have difficulty dealing with rental management. There are many tenants, visits must be made at each entrance and each exit, and you will have to deal with small damages, cleaning, etc. The best solution in this case is to entrust the rental management to a real estate agent. The latter will be responsible for making the visits, collecting the rent and managing any repairs to be carried out.

Take care of the photos for your ads

Whether or not you decide to go through a real estate agency for the seasonal rental of your property, note that the first notice that potential tenants will make of your accommodation will be based solely on the photos. It is therefore essential that you take care of the photos that will appear on the advertisement site(s), such as SeLogerVacances: open all the windows for better luminosity, make sure that each room is tidy and clean, and decorate them with flowers and decorations, in order to arouse the interest of the tenants. Also, if your home has a great view, be sure to add a picture of this panorama.

Rent your home when demand is high

If you have a second home that you would like to rent out, make arrangements well in advance so that you can both enjoy your accommodation and offer it for rent during the right periods. It is obvious that if you intend to occupy your residence during the months of July and August, and during all school holiday periods, it will be much more difficult to find tenants. You must therefore agree to rent out your property during periods of high demand, and this also depends on where your property is located:
  • Your property is located in a mid-mountain resort, you can rent it in winter as well as in summer.
  • Your property is located on one of the Breton coasts, aim absolutely for the months of July and August.
  • Your property is located in the south of France, and even more so on the French Riviera, you can rent it from February to October.

Take care of your home, the tenants are more and more demanding.

Seasonal rental is an extremely competitive market, and more and more owners are taking care of the equipment of their properties. Thus, it is more and more essential to offer a Wi-Fi connection to its tenants, just as certain appliances and equipment are becoming indispensable to them: washing machine, oven, and even tumble dryer and dishwasher have invested a large majority of the dwellings put up for seasonal rental. Tenants appreciate having a choice in terms of linen rental, payment for cleaning services, etc. Tenants appreciate having a choice in terms of renting linen, paying for cleaning services, etc. It is therefore obvious that if your home is the only one that does not offer these services in the whole area, you will find it more difficult to rent it out.

Set the rent correctly

Setting the right rent is one of the main issues when you want to rent out your property. Be aware that the average price of a rental is €1,000 per week, but that the range is extremely wide, as prices generally start at €300 for a studio in the Jura, but can rise to €7,000 per week for a villa in Deauville, and the amounts can be even higher when you turn to luxury properties on the French Riviera. The location of the property and its size are therefore the main elements you need to consider, but don't forget to also take into account the presence of a swimming pool, equipment, household appliances, provision of a Wi-Fi connection, linen hire, etc. Finally, note that the view that tenants enjoy is important and justifies a higher rent, as is the proximity to certain amenities, such as local shops (bakery, pharmacy, mini-market, grocery store, etc.).
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