Tips on how to improve your holiday rental advertisement

You are a landlord and wish to write your rental ad or improve it? Here are 10 good tips to take into account to publish an effective ad and increase your bookings.

The title of your ad must be attractive

The title is one of the most important elements of your ad for the internet user but also for search engines like Google. It must be both attractive and informative.
  • A good title: "Villa 200 m from the sea for 6 people, close to all shops - Sanary".
  • A bad title: "House in Sanary."

Your rental ad must be as complete as possible.

Input fields are available to best describe your rental: make the most of them, fill them in as much as possible.

Your advertisement must make the holidaymaker dream...

When the holiday maker reads your advertisement he must project himself into it and imagine a pleasant stay in bad surprise. Take inspiration from travel agency websites: don't hesitate to add a touch of romance to your text by using terms specific to your region. Add the most beautiful photos of your accommodation by following our photo tips. Examples: "Discover the charm of Provence...", "Let yourself be bewitched by the scent of the sea", "a stay with your feet in the water", "a friendly place ideal for family holidays", "a cosy little nest in the heart of the capital", etc...

While being clear and concise

It's not about selling wind to your tenants. Making them dream is good, but don't forget that from the very first lines, they need to know where they're putting their feet. Highlight the assets of your rental from the start by bringing concrete elements.

By avoiding lists and abbreviations

It is always more enjoyable to read sentences than lists and short words in a holiday rental description. Without getting into the travel story, consider how "readable" and "enjoyable" your ad will be. Avoid "2WC, 4CH, 6PERS, Gd Appt...".

Be inspired by your competitors

If you're looking for inspiration, take the time to browse the site and note down the good ideas found in the other ads. There are certainly many things you hadn't thought of.

Without plagiarizing them!

Be careful not to recopy an ad: Google will notice it and will sanction your ad by simply ignoring it. Your ad, even inspired by another, must be unique and original.

Before publishing: read it again one last time

It is possible that you may have forgotten a word, a comma, or made a typing error without realizing it while writing your ad. Before publishing, always remember to proofread yourself.

Renew your ad regularly

You rent a chalet in the mountains and when you first published it, you were thinking of the winter holidays. Naturally, you highlighted the ski slopes that are close to your rental. Summer is approaching, change your text by adapting it to the season: talk instead about outdoor activities and leisure activities, natural sites to visit... Same thing for the photos: favour seasonal and situation photos.

Visit the website again and again

Once your ad is written and published, fine! Don't hesitate to come back regularly on the site to revise your ad. Details may have changed or you may have new ideas to enhance it.
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