Why is it advisable to carry out an online valuation of your property?

When you plan to sell your house or apartment, it is important to know the value of your property. Before posting an ad, it is therefore advisable to have the value of the property estimated by professionals. This estimation allows to locate the real value of the property, in order to be able to sell it at the best price. It is also possible to estimate the value of your property just out of curiosity. This is easily achievable, even before contacting a real estate agent for an estimate on the spot, thanks to online estimates. The procedure can be done simply, quickly and free of charge.

How can I estimate the value of my property online?

For a real estate appraisal, there are websites specialized in the field. This estimation can be done completely free of charge, and aims to give you an approximation of the real price of your property. In the past, to estimate the price of your home, it was common to compare it to other properties of the same type, available on real estate ads. But this comparison was not always precise, because the number of advertisements you can consult, and which correspond to the characteristics of your property, is low. Now, thanks to a powerful algorithm, free valuation sites can compare your property to a database that covers the entire territory. The results show very precisely an average price per square meter, which will allow you to evaluate your property as close as possible to its real value.

The reasons why it is necessary to make a property valuation

A property valuation is necessary to get an idea of the selling price of your home. Knowing the real estate price, allows you to sell the house or apartment in the best possible conditions. But it is also necessary within the framework of an inheritance, or in the evaluation of the inheritance for the tax declarations, thanks to an expertise. In general, owners tend to overvalue their homes because of the emotional value they attach to them. This can be detrimental to the smooth sale of the property, as the price will be too high in relation to what the market offers. So if you want to have an informed opinion, and be able to answer the question, "how much is my house worth", it would be wise to seek the advice of qualified professionals. In addition, for a potential buyer, knowing that your property has been appraised by a professional can reassure him or her and avoid lengthy negotiations.

The limits of online property estimation

The estimation of the property is therefore an essential step to take, before selling a house. To carry out it on line and in a free way, makes it possible to save time and money, for a satisfactory result. But there are characteristics of your home, which cannot be seen by simply providing the address where it is located or the living area. These are the architectural specificities. It may therefore be necessary, to contact a real estate agent to support the estimate. Indeed, the latter will take the time to make an expertise on the spot. But this costs money, so it is not necessary if you are not completely sure you want to sell your property. Moreover, this intervention can take time in view of the busy schedule of real estate agents.
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