Villas and apartments

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A profitable and diversifiable investment

Investing in a villa

Luxury real estate is today the most profitable investment, and also the most satisfying lifestyle! Who has never dreamed of being the proud owner of a futuristic villa or a middle age castle? Much more than a financial investment, the purchase of a luxury property allows you to access the “Holy Grail” of luxury, while generating significant income, both rental income in the short term and capital gains in the medium and long term.

Luxury real estate

A "coup de coeur" can thwart all price predictions.

There are a thousand reasons to love a place

A villa is elegant

A villa is either low or at most with only one floor but always with an imposing size. In addition to being cosy and elegant, it is often intended for the accommodation of a single family. It is also a classy and modern style property, whose comfort is a true luxury.

Location is key

Most of the time, a villa consists of a building whose four facades are free. It is surrounded by a private garden or a large green park. This type of dwelling is usually located in a class residential area, in a holiday resort or on the seaside…

The villa is symbol

Families owning a villa are often wealthy and enjoy a comfortable income. A villa usually symbolizes wealth, luxury and opulence. A simple house or apartment, on the other hand, is more a symbol of the family unit and an ordinary income.

Why invest in an apartment?

Become an owner now!

The decision to buy an apartment or not is a very personal and individual decision and the reasons for doing so are just as varied. From the desire to have a roof over one’s head to a rental investment in order to create an estate. It is therefore very difficult to give a universal answer to this question. However, these elements of answers may enlighten your choice. Here are 2 good reasons to buy an apartment.


Future income

Buying an apartment and making a rental investment allows you to ensure a future income and anticipate your general income’s decline at the time of retirement.

Become a homeowner

Home ownership is a dream for many people, you just have to take the plunge! If it is a rental investment, the rents collected can cover any credit you’ve got.

Owning a home

Buying an apartment is a wise decision

Long-term financial safety

It can be done without any contribution

Which is one of the main reasons of buying an apartment.

It allows you to build up a personal fund

The most obvious and effective way to build up a personal fund over time.

Buying an apartment allows a tax reduction

Benefit from a significant tax advantage as well as reduced legal fees

More aid than in any other investment

In the series of financial advantages, there are many aids to buy an apartment.

House or apartment

Property purchase: house or apartment?

Criteria to choose between a house and an apartment.

01Identify your needs
The apartment. It is available in multiple surfaces and can thus be adapted to more needs. For example, a couple without children will be offered a two-bedroom apartment while a family will settle in a five-bedroom one.
02The location
Apartments are mostly located in the city. They are usually closer to schools, public transport, shops and services essential to daily life.
03The price
The apartment's price depends on the location, the state of the accommodation, its surface area. In an old one, the budget that you will devote to the work will be less important than in a house.


Selling your apartment

Why apartments are easier to sell

In financial terms, apartments sell faster than houses. Small and medium-sized properties are less expensive, which makes them accessible to several categories of buyers: singles, couples, investors in particular. Properties located in large, dynamic cities are likely to find buyers quickly.